Spiracles In My Head

by Tobias Holzer

I don’t know the numbers & statistics too well, but it started on january 6 & it ends today on march 6. If one sums up those days in between, you get more or less 60pages filled with spiracles out of my membrain. Pretty much straight from the heart, only filtered through the lens of how you say a thing or two. I end this journey where it all started: In motherland africa, land of fruit & honey, where the stars shine over desert skies like it was your father, the bustling thief, who stole them & put them up there.


But before I go to sit down & plug myself and virtual insanity off for the time being to look up & contemplate like a straying dog on a lonely beach close to the cosmic shores, I want to show one more thing, one more drop of water before I elapse again into the endless ocean of void & substance.

What he explains is in german language but I guess a water drop is pretty much universally understood. What I try to tell you, is, that I’m this drop of water, always vibrating, always in motion & inspired by the impulses that get to me in every day life. No-thing more and no-thing less. I literally dig every thing around me – especially you my reader, yourself a water drop in this vast ocean of possible vibrations. It’s simple, yes, but most of the time these are the most difficult things to understand for me. It’s so close-by that I often miss it or under-stand it when it’s already too late. But then again, there is no such thing as time if you think about it in a cosmic way. There are only different ways of under-standing one or an-other thing until you become one again with every thing there ever was, is or will be.

I’m much obliged that you tooke the time to go through some of those spiracles and I’m looking more than forward to see you again in what some may call reality.

god speed,


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