Kennedy and Conspiracy

by Julian Schmidli

Tomorrow John F. Kennedy will be dead for 50 years. Don’t get me wrong, but I am no fan of anniversaries. They often celebrate a part of the past in a glorifying tone that makes me feel uncomfortable. The past is reduced to a few well-narrated lines whilst the presence stays hard to grasp, complex and multi-layered. I prefer the presence for that matter.

Whenever one of those big anniversaries come up, I am astonished by the amount of misinformation and conspiracy-theories floating around. People seem to accept any kind of theory, as if there was no common agreement about the construction of history and truth. As if everything was debatable, just an opinion, a way to see the world. I see educated people sharing links to dubious sites and self-proclaimed documentaries, reacting to criticism with teflonlike ignorance. There seems to be a growing uncertainty regarding the trustworthiness of information. But instead of being sceptic about everything, people tend to believe the information they want to believe. This concerns me.

I encourage skepticism but not blind-sighted proliferation of bullshit.

If we cannot agree on at least the possibility of the existence of an objective reality, there is no point in arguing. If we don’t find common ground for our discussions anymore, bullshit and madness will be the only survivors on the battlefield.

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