Idea #34: Take care of your Karma

by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

My friends were a bit taken aback when they saw my mother. She had shaved off her hair and was wearing a robe. “From now on, I am no longer only there for you, my son, but for all children,” she said. It was her way of dealing with the sadness that had been triggered by the death of her father in Pakse, the only remaining member of our family in Laos. She began a new life in a Buddhist monastery. As a nun with the name Co Hanh Nhu—the bright mother—she was happy once again. I was fourteen. That was the day I lost my mother—and gained a new perspective. I visited her in the monastery every year. She told me a lot about her motivation, about why people plod along eternally in the hamster wheel, and about letting go. We sat on the waxed wooden floor of the prayer hall and spoke about happiness and suffering. She believed that as long as I did good deeds, I would be charging my Karma. She herself had her difficulties letting go. Throughout her life she had pursued one dream: building a small Buddhist monastery in Berlin. At that time, there was not yet a Facebook and no crowd funding. But she succeeded, nevertheless, in gathering a large crowd and had soon collected 10,000 euros. How did she do it? I learned a lot from her. Basically, it’s very easy: take care that your life is balanced between giving and taking, and you will find happiness. Take care of your Karma.
Thanks to Regine Lin for helping me writing this.
This is an extract from the book “hartz IV moebel.com – build more buy less” (Hatje Cantz, 2012)

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