by Marcus Steinweg

Chaos is the lack of ground or the abyss. It is the dimension which forever precedes the Logos, reason, language and communication. The Logos refers to this abyss. It points to it. The abyss of the Logos cannot be thought as ground. The Logos glides over its own groundlessness. From the outset it is held above the space of absolute secrecy. The Logos constitutes itself as a primary speaking. It is the name of the birth of sense from non-sense. A subject is what keeps contact with non-sense through the Logos and the madness inherent in it without losing itself in this contact to the pure power of chaos. The peculiarity of the subject’s contact with the chaotic abyss, which always also means re-contact, resumption of an original or, more precisely, pre-original intimacy, lies in this hyperbolic self-transgression and self-surpassing in which the subject constitutes itself as the subject of this transgressedness, of a certain self-transcendence. The human being as subject, says Slavoj Zizek citing Schelling, “is the only creature that is (again) directly in contact with the primal abyss”.

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